Director’s Message

Dear Visitors,

Welcome to the homepage of the Department of Civil Aviation. From here you can visit our various cardinals and understand how the department regulates the Civil Aviation activities at Gujarat. To achieve its goal under cardinal department has created a new company by name GUJSAIL. GUJSAIL is a vibrant & fastest developing Aviation company of state which plays a vital role in the state’s economy for the development of aviation with continuous developmental trends.

We GUJSAIL, deliver fast, efficient and economical travel for people and the high dignitaries of State as well as for officials of Central Government visiting the state. Gujarat is one of the largest, most futuristic and prosperous state having number of NRIs visiting the state throughout the year. It is also an industrially developed state with a long coast line, for faster movement of goods from various parts of the country to other nations. The state has one of the best road infrastructures in the country.

With rapid change in transportation environment, our Department has kept this aviation boom in mind while working out its future plans. Due to the state Government’s initiative, the Aviation Department was able to enter into MOUs worth Rs.23,071.50 crores in this sector. Our Department believes that growth in today’s world is directly proportional to development of aviation infrastructure in any country, region or state.

During the 12th five year plan 2012-2017, the Aviation Department has proposed to strengthen the fleet with two helicopters, two aircraft i.e. one Turboprop and one Jet. The Government is also activating Mehsana and Amreli airfield for training of Pilot. Further, it intends to make an airfield at Dholavira. A MOU has been entered to start Ankleshwar airfield. The Government made adequate provision for helicopter industry to start services at Girnar hill by Helicopter for pilgrimage. We believe, in full compliance with GOI guidelines the Aviation Department would achieve landmarks in transport sectors and becomes means of future transport system.

The State Government has made a provision of Rs. 1084.63 crores to undertake all the above activities during the period of the 12th five year plan 2012 to 2017. The Aviation activity in the State was started in the year 1973, in the form of aerial spraying for the farm land belonging to farmers of Gujarat. Presently the Government is having one Helicopter and one Turboprop aircraft. These machines allow fast, efficient and economical travel for the high dignitaries of State as well as for officials of Central Government visiting the state.

We opt to harmonize our policies & practices with regional & International implications & intend to start new airstrips, aviation institutes, MRO’s FBO regional airports and become the first state in the country to have State medical air evacuation services. Thus, pleading for a team of well-trained professionals, I am strongly confident that we will successfully achieve goals and maintain the flight safety at a high level. Also among the strategic objectives, in order to increase the operational efficiency, we focus on motivating qualified professionals and strengthen corporate culture as well.

I am sure that GUJSAIL will contribute to promote an efficient Gujarat State Air Transport system and will offer stunning amenities to the people of Gujarat with excellent business opportunities. We always aim to excel in everything we do, at a young age to be considered best in the industry is a tremendous achievement in our history. GUJSAIL assure you more new work relationship in the years ahead.

Captain Ajay Chauhan
Director of Civil Aviation Government of Gujarat.

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