Director's Profile


CAPT. & squadron leader ajay chauhan (retd.)
Director of civil aviation, govt.of gujarat
former adc to the president of india

Educational Qualification/Courses

  • B.Sc. from St. Xavier’s College with First Class (Excellent Grade) in science (Special Honours in Physics, Chemistry, Bio-Chemistry, major in Zoology) in 1991
  • “JCC” commander’s Managerial Course in Administration, Planning, Management and staff duty from Air Force Administrative College.
  • Aviation Management Programme from prestigious Indian Institute of Management in 2009(Ranked 56th globalist by the economist)
  • Airport Infrastructure (IB02) development program from The Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association (HIDA)–AOTS, JAPAN in 2013.

Professional Profile

  • Around 25 year’s dynamic experience in Aviation Sector.
  • Proficient in the applying methodology and providing direction to programs like operations, management, regulation
  • facilitating the analysis of operating practices and procedures designed to improve operational safety
  • economics feasibility and programs effectiveness for Aviation Organization.
  • Knowing how to improve business processes and motivate teams to create the highest levels of efficiency and productivity, undertaking budget planning, resource planning
  • driving force for new infrastructure development project like Aviation park, MRO’s regional airlines. Airports (State as well as International)

Areas of Expertise

  • Negotiation, Purchase, Policy, Analysis/Strategic Planning, Special Operations/ Tactics, Regulatory/policy
  • Compliance’s, Aviation Safety, Team Building/ Motivation, Emergency Response/Planning, Process Development/Integration
  • Long/short term Planning, Presentations/Speaking, Instruction/Facilitation, Program Administration, Program Management
  • Procurement, Allocation/ utilization, Conflict Resolution, Protocol Management, Tendering
  • Airport Planning & Development, Aircraft/Helicopter Operation & Maintenance, MRO creation and setup, leadership by example.

Technical Experience

  • Rated Pilot for Glider/Helicopter/Aircrafts (Flown:- type’s like allouttee, MI-8, MI-17, Dauphin, Bell, Cessna, Jet aircraft (ISKARA), undergone AMSS courses Airborne mechanical spraying system.
  • Certificate Course CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), Hindi language course, Single Pilot IFR rated for Dauphin helicopter, 2000+hrs. of accident /incident free flying.
  • Presently flying Dauphin N3 helicopter, CPL (Helicopter) & (Plane) license from FAA, & CPL helicopters from ATO Manila (Philippines) and DGCA, India.

Professional Experience

Director, Civil Aviation,
Gujarat State Office of the Directorate of Civil Aviation GMDC,
GUJSAIL Complex, Nr. Torrent Sub Station
S.V.P.I. Airport, Ahmedabad - 380 004

  • From the year 2004 coordinated and implemented Govt. of Gujarat’s aviation operations, management, policies and procedures in support to effectively manage aviation resources.
  • As Head of Department for Civil Aviation Sector for State of Gujarat, responsible for annual planning, budget making, making 5 years, 10 years and 20 years plan for aviation sector, policy making, responsible for operation and maintenance of GoG aircraft/helicopter. Associates with other State Govt. Departments like; Finance, Administration, Industries & Mines, Roads & Building for development and planning of aviation sector.
  • Led a multi-disciplined professional staff of 100 in efforts to establish and continually assess the effectiveness of standardization, policies and professional training of aviation organization.
  • Developed logistic strategies and allocated resources.
  • Controlled the economical, efficient and effective expenditure of Rs. 1400 Million in aviation resources through the development of analytical, qualitative and quantifiable utilization and evaluation processes.
  • Formulated policies governing the operations and maintenance for the State aircraft fleet.
  • Exceeded the Aircraft Maintenance Standards through the implementation of a comprehensive, pro-active aircraft maintenance program. Negotiated terms and service contracts directly with domestics and foreign firms for commercial aircraft services.
  • Instrumental in developing strategies supporting the upgrade and modernization of the aircraft fleet.
  • Oversaw the hiring and professional development of a multi-cultural staff( approximately 100 personnel) charged with managing and operating an aircraft fleet composed of single-engine, multi-engine rotary wing (helicopters) and fixed wing (turbo –prop/turbo-jet) aircraft and gliders planned the only GA air show specifically of Gujarat State.
  • From the year 2010, lead as the head in the Gujarat State Aviation Infrastructure Company (GUJSAIL), Ahmedabad. As Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Gujarat State Aviation Infrastructure Company Limited (GUJSAIL) ensured Implementation of the projects like development of new small aircrafts. assembly project, upgrade of airports, creation of licensed helipads at various locations, setting up a first in India GA MRO, starting up of regional air-lines in the state of Gujarat with new methodology, Development of new airports.

“Director” (a) GUJSAIL (b) GUJTOUR (c) DIAL

  • From the year of 2010 as a contributory Director for Gujarat State Aviation Infrastructure Company Limited (GUJSAIL), Gujarat Tourism Development Company limited (Gujarat Tourism) (GUJTOUR), advised in development and planning of only Aviation Park in country, Assisted from selection of consultant to prepare detailed sectorial plans for aviation park, with business revenue model.
  • Also was on the selection committee of selection of developer for in Gujarat, Dholera International Airport (DIAL). As Director on board was involved in selection, land assessment study, budget planning and execution of work.

Hon. Secretary ahmedabad gliding and flying club (AGFC)

  • Took over a Secretary and renewed old Gliding and Flying Club of 1961 vintage, which had totally died, revised it by sheer determination dedication, hard-work and enthusiasm. Increase the balance from mare 6000 Rs. to 2.5 million in a year’s time.
  • Created new set up, enrolled members and staff, undertook new procedures for resource creation by undertaking seminars/exhibitions/competitions.

Accountable Manager

  • Designated as Accountable Manager for VVIP operations & maintenance of State Government for DGCA, (Director General Civil Aviation India) for GoI.
  • As an Accountable Manager ensured accident/incident free flying of State Govt. aircraft and helicopter for continuous 10 years from 2004 to 2013.

Social Worker Homes of Hope foster family Agency

  • From the year 2002-2003 took a break to work in field of social service as social worker in “Homes of Hope” foster family agency. Acted as a program manager/supervisor at “Homes of Hope” was entrusted with work as case management, counseling, therapy, human touch, social welfare policy analysis, policy and practice development.
  • Worked to promote social justice and social changes with and on behalf of clients i.e individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.

ADC to the President of India Office of the President Rastrapati Bhavan, New Delhi

  • Worked 4 years in the Office of the President of India handling diplomatic, administrative, operational affairs of the office of the President of India ; was associated in planning and execution of President day to day activity.
  • Undertook Presidential tours to Austria, Germany, France, Singapore, conducted swearing ceremony of President of India, conducted foreign President’s tours of which a few, Mr. WJ Clinton, Mr. Putin, Nigeria, Mr. Obasanjo (Nigeria), Mr. Chirac (France) etc.

Squadron Leader Class-i Gazetted Officer Indian Air Force (IAF) Govt. of India.

  • From the year 1993-2002 as an Indian Air Force (IAF) Officer and fully Operational Pilot worked in different Managerial capacities (Material, Logistic, administrative, operation and Disaster Management).

Current Activities

  • Presently involved in setting up of New International Airport at Ahmedabad, and various Domestic Airports in Gujarat.
  • Acting as regulator for Aviation activities of various agencies during the time of election and otherwise.
  • Setting up an adequate resourced and effective State Oversight System operating above the International standards set by ICAO for safe, orderly air transport with acceptable level of safety for Scheduled, General Aviation and Helicopter Operations.
  • Working on Module to setup 11 new Airstrips /Airports and 227 Heliports in Gujarat with possibility of Harvesting Solar Energy and Rainwater.
  • Prepared Aviation Policy 2010, for State which shall address to the needs of Regional air connectivity in Gujarat. Intra–State cargo connectivity by regional Aircraft during night hours, Cold storage facilities at State Govt. Airports.
  • Involve in conceptualization of ATF trading co. by GUJSAIL and GSPC, to bring down ATF cost in Gujarat region.
  • Assisting in restructuring and promoting Aviation Institutes, flying schools and engineering college in the State.
  • Concession and encouragement to Institutes for various aero-sports, aero-modeling activities.
  • Developing world class Aviation Infrastructure with GA’s passenger comfort alongwith efficient facilities for cargo and MRO.

Professional Summary

  • Nodal Officer (Aviation) for Election Campaign of Shri Narendra Modi the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India (Sept-2013-May-2014)
  • “Director” Civil Aviation Department, Government of Gujarat, State of Gujarat 2004-till date.
  • “CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER” (CEO) for (Gujarat State Aviation Infrastructure Company) GUJSAIL, Ahmedabad from the year 2010.
  • Contributed as Board of Directors for (a) “Director” for (Gujarat State Aviation Infrastructure Company Limited (GUJSAIL) (b) Tourism Development Company limited Gujarat Tourism (GUJTOUR) (c) Dholera International Airport (DIAL) (d) GUJTOP Gujarat Tourism Project Development Company (e) Hon. Secretary AGFC (Ahmedabad Gliding & Flying club) (f) Accountable Manager for VVIP operations & maintenance of State Government for, DGCA (Director General Civil Aviation India) GoI.
  • “Social Work” (2002-2003)
  • ADC to President of India 1998-2002 for 4 year.
  • “Class-i Gazetted Officer” in Indian Air Force (IAF) 1993-2002.

Core Competencies

  • Throughout my career in aviation, I have analyzed and led the development and implementation of programs and policies designed to direct the efficiency and standardization of aviation operations, training and maintenance programs, and resource management while establishing economic feasibility and maintaining operational safety.
  • In addition to flying pilot worked as an Officer to develop plans and implement policies. While in the air, fighter pilots communicate with other pilots and air traffic control professionals. They performing navigation, surveillance reconnaissance and rescue missions.
  • As HOD ‘Visualization’, recognize the element and assigned responsibility, coordination, management task, Administration, Planning (Project & Policy), Operations, Protocol, Maintenance, Airport Development, MRO development, and Implementation of Project execution. Budgeting & cash Flow Optimization, Organizational Performance, Productivity Planning, Dynamic team Building & Leadership, Strategic Direction & Procedures, Project Design & Management, Vendor Sourcing & Negotiating.


  • 1993- Joined IAF as qualified pilot. Flew in Kargil, Siachen, Arunachal, Nagaland.
  • 1997- Represented IAF at national level equestrian championship (Horse riding)
  • 1998- Flew for rescue mission in Malpa, Pithoragarh district of Uttarkhand State (Kailash Mansarovar)
  • 1998- Selected as ADC to the President of India, Office of the President to work for 10th President of India.
  • 2000- Promoted as First Officer in the history of independent India, to be promoted by the hands of President of India himself and continued to serve with two Presidents of India.
  • 2002- Served ADC for 2nd term for 11th President of India.
  • 2004- Selected as Director Civil Aviation, Govt. of Gujarat.
  • 2005- Development of Mandvi Airport.
  • 2005- Certificate of appreciation by Governor of Gujarat.
  • 2006- Nominated for purchase of Aircraft/Helicopter equipments for State Govt. worth of 15 million USD.
  • 2007- Started flying training school at Mehsana.
  • 2008- Started Helicopter services at Girnar hill (the shrine of similar stature of Vaishno- Devi).
  • 2009- Negotiated contracts for helicopter/aircraft enhancement and handling of budget from Rs. 6.00 Crore (1.2 Million USD) to 200 Crore (30 Million USD) in 2014.
  • 2010- started New Company for Aviation in the State of Gujarat
  • 2011- Commissioning of new Air-fields in Mehsana and Amreli, Ankleshwar Airport.
  • 2012- New airport startup land acquired for (1) Dwarka (2) Palitana (3) Ambaji (4) Morbi (5) Bagodra airport.
  • 2014- Govt. of Gujarat has appointed as Nodal Officer/ Accountable Manager for the Election Campaign-2014 for aviation related duties for Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi (former Chief Minister of Gujarat). In which during course of 50 days 1000 landings were successfully conducted without a single cancellation or diversion. The record for the longest election campaign of the world was achievable with some assistance and myself. For the above achievement on 16th May, 2014 Hon’ble Shri Narendra Modi handed over a certificate of “Exemplary Performance” for time management, co-ordination, and hard work to me.
  • 2014- On 27th June, 2014, Hon’ble Dr. Shrimati Kamla, Governor of Gujarat, has handed over “Certificate of Appreciation” to me for the hard work, dedicated efforts, leadership quality and commitment towards the aviation duties.
  • 2014- Policing by helicopter making Gujarat 1st State to have its own Airborne Law Enforcement.


  • Lifetime Member of President of India’s Institute.
  • Alumnus of IIM, Ahmedabad
  • Member, Aeronautical Society of India.
  • Member, Rotor Wing Society of India
  • Member, Air Force Association
  • Member, Air Force Sports Club.

Awards & Honours

  • Awarded rank of “Squadron Leader” by the hands of President of India (First Officer to achieve this in the history of independent India)
  • Awarded 8 Medals for Excellent Service rendered to Govt. of India.
  • Awarded certificate for theatre group by NSD.
  • Also visiting faculty for Govt. of Gujarat’s Education Department programs
  • Awarded Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief Commendation in 1998
  • Awarded NCC C Certificate by Aero Club International.
  • Awarded Aviators A,B, C certificate.
  • Certificate of Appreciation from former Hon’ble Governor of Gujarat, Nawal Kishore Sharma, for hard work, dedication towards duties, maturity, and efficiency in the year 2005.
  • Certificate of Appreciation from Hon’ble Prime Minster of India, Shri Narendra Modi (former Chief Minister of State of Gujarat) for outstanding performance in election campaign in the year 2014.
  • Certficate of Appreciation from Hon’ble Governor of Gujarat, Dr. Shrimati Kamla for hard work and dedicatd efforts in aviation related duties in the year 2014.
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