The M.R.O. Industry

The M.R.O. Industry

Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (M.R.O.) providers play an essential role in the aviation industry by assuring the safety and air-worthiness of each aircraft. It is estimated that the global M.R.O. market is worth up to USD50 billion. While M.R.O. activities were once mainly the domain of airlines, today many airlines, in order to reduce costs and small parts inventory, are outsourcing maintenance services to third party or specialized M.R.O. companies. M.R.O. providers generally work in the following categories

  • Airframe Heavy Maintenance and Repairs: An M.R.O. can offer such capabilities as aircraft maintenance checks, wing installation and repairs, inspection of gear and thrust reversers, cleaning, inspections, repairs, application of corrosion inhibitors, aircraft painting, fuel tank maintenance, repairs, inspections and renovation of aircraft interiors, among others.
  • Component Services: An M.R.O. could undertake the repairs and servicing of aircraft, engine and avionics components.
  • Engine Maintenance and Repairs: Some M.R.O. providers offer various levels of engine maintenance, modification, testing and repair work.
  • Line Maintenance: Trouble shooting & checks.

The M.R.O. Industry in India

The M.R.O. Industry in India

The Indian M.R.O. Industry is poised for quantum growth. The open sky policy together with the increase in military, civil and business aircraft fleet in the country and the growing air travel by Indians have all contributed to a growing number of airlines and airline fleet sizes in the country. India now has the potential to become one of the world’s top aviation markets. By 2020, the total Indian fleet is expected to double in number with an estimated M.R.O. spend of over $1.5 billion. However, much of the M.R.O. work of domestic scheduled carriers is outsourced to third-party service providers outside India.

While there is a fertile market for new M.R.O. facilities in India, setting up an M.R.O. is highly capital intensive and requires sizable investment in infrastructure, quality trained personnel, tooling and certification from safety regulators. The Department of Civil Aviation, Government of Gujarat, is framing policies that will support the establishment of M.R.O. facilities in Gujarat. Airlines and third party M.R.O. providers have expressed interest in setting up their facilities in Gujarat.

M.R.O. providers need to establish themselves near established airports which boosts business opportunities. With many big airports now being congested, the Department of Civil Aviation, Government of Gujarat, believes that M.R.O. activity is likely to move to new airports, like those in Gujarat which are close to Mumbai and Delhi, and yet have land available for setting up dedicated hangars for maintenance and overhaul of aircraft. A.G.I.D.B. report shows that locations in South Gujarat would be benefited by proximity to the Mumbai international airport. In this regard, Dahej is a rapidly growing industrial region and is likely to have large tracts of land available for aviation facilities. Dahej is situated in convenient distance of Vadodara, Surat, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Indore airports.

The international airport of Ahmedabad, where there is supporting presence of industries and plenty of land availability, has an M.R.O. developed by the Government of Gujarat.

An M.R.O. in Ahmedabad

M.R.O. in Ahmedabad

GUJSAIL has recently set up a General Aviation M.R.O. in Ahmedabad, with a dedicated hanger near the domestic terminal of the S.V.P. International Airport. The M.R.O. has parking facilities for two aircraft and is equipped with repair shop, store for parts and equipment, offices and other facilities. The M.R.O. has handled the airframe heavy maintenance, component services, line maintenance and inspection of private business aircraft and also planes used for other purposes. A Legacy 650 was one of the first aircrafts to come to this M.R.O.

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