Sr. No.Details/SubjectDocument
1 Details of civil aviation, functions and duties cad-chapter-1.pdf (626 KB)
2 Powers and Duties of Officers and Employees cad-chapter-2.pdf (606 KB)
3 Procedure followed in the decision-making activity cad-chapter-3.pdf (615 KB)
4 Discharging the tasks set out the prescribed standards cad-chapter-4.pdf (601 KB)
5 Functions to do Rules, Regulations, Manual and Records cad-chapter-5.pdf (675 KB)
6 The categories of documents that are held by it or under its control Statement cad-chapter-6.pdf (604 KB)
7 Making policy implemented in consultation with members of the public in relation or if the details of any arrangements for representation. cad-chapter-7.pdf (605 KB)
8 Designed as part of the public system board, council committees and other bodies. cad-chapter-8.pdf (609 KB)
9 Officers and Employees-Book (Directory) cad-chapter-9.pdf (604 KB)
10 Including remuneration method according to the regulations made provision analogous monthly remuneration of officers and employees cad-chapter-10.pdf (603 KB)
11 Budget Allocated cad-chapter-11.pdf (739 KB)
12 The manner of execution of subsidy programs cad-chapter-12.pdf (639 KB)
13 Given the details of recipients of concessions in the permit or authorization. cad-chapter-13-14.pdf (618 KB)
14 Information available in electronic form cad-chapter-13-14.pdf (618 KB)
15 Details of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information cad-chapter-15.pdf (644 KB)
16 Designations and other particulars of Public Information Officers. cad-chapter-16.pdf (637 KB)
17 Other useful information. cad-chapter-17.pdf (774 KB)
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